As an administrator over many different programs, I have never had the opportunity to work with a company like EBA. EBA staff keeps our team to fidelity of the FFT-CW model, constantly evaluates data and trends, and is absolutely invaluable to me. She takes the time to monitor and evaluate in ways that I would never be able to. I am sure that my team would not be nearly as strong and holding to the fidelity of this model if we didn’t have EBA to keep us on track. I LOVE EBA!!!

Program Director Family Services Life Management Center of NW FL, Inc.

EBA is a top notch professional organization. Staff are exceptional; knowledgeable, professional, responsive to state and local needs, honest and they deliver what they promise.

Presiding Judge, Cherokee County (Georgia) Juvenile Court

With the help and oversight of EBA, our families now have choices that produce positive results.

Director of Children and Youth ServicesDepartment of Mental Health, Washington, DC

EBA combines two kinds of valuable expertise. The first is an understanding of evidence-based programs. The other key attribute is good business sense.

Co-Director of The Social Research Unit, Dartington, UK

We’ve found evidence-based programs that work with this juvenile population… the medium and high-risk kids. These are the Gold Standard of programs that have been shown to be effective at reducing recidivism. Instead of a 15% reduction in the first 9 months of the programming, we had a 62% reduction… in youth that did not go to secure confinement. That cost avoidance is something we can redirect to our communities for family-based services that are proven to reduce recidivism. (From the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform meeting in 2014 referencing work being conducted with EBA)

Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice

From the outset, I witnessed firsthand the expertise, knowledge and commitment of EBA personnel. They provided guidance in working with my staff and me in selecting the most appropriate evidence-based intervention. They kept open clear lines of communication with us throughout the entire process, from assisting in the proposal development, vetting and selecting the most qualified provider, handling all training and technical assistance requirements of the selected program, establishing clearly defined referral criteria, and handling all of the client and fiscal reporting requirements. Remarkably, all of this was accomplished within a truncated period of time, allowing us to meet the goal of beginning services to youth and their families by October 1, 2013.

Coweta County GA Juvenile Court, Newnan, GA

The staff at EBA have been exceptional. [W]e have been able to reduce detainments and … provide much needed intensive services to families in crisis. EBA has been a great partner.

2015-2016 President Georgia Council of Juvenile Court Judges, Cherokee County, Canton GA