Our Values

EBA's core values represent what we strive bring to the relationship with each of our clients:

  • Efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Lowered Risk
  • Accountability

These values are represented in our corporate logo.


To strengthen families and support communities through the high-quality implementation of evidence-based programs.

Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) strives to provide leadership in the child-serving systems, in particular Juvenile Justice systems, in order to help bring about effective system reform that is efficient, cost effective, lower risk, and improves accountability in the overall system. We have built our business around introducing, and helping implement, effective programs so our clients can serve the same group of youth at a fraction of the cost with better outcomes.

Our team is dedicated to making these improvements in quality and effectiveness through the use of performance-based contracts and by working directly with policy-makers and professionals that serve high-risk youth. We realize that in order to be an advocate, one must stand for a purpose and everyone at EBA is dedicated to facilitating a movement in the field that will better the lives of children, youth and their families.