Service Coordination


EBA understands the challenges that state agencies face when providing services through juvenile justice, child welfare, and behavioral health systems.
For over 15 years, EBA has provided service coordination and project management oversight for family-focused, community-based, evidence-based services for state or local government entities, resulting in cost-effective and high-quality social services for communities.


EBA provides a single point of contact for service coordination and rigorous oversight of program quality, integrity and fidelity—especially needed for evidence-based programs.
EBA provides expertise in the knowledge, management and infrastructure needed to implement high-fidelity evidence-based programs. Beginning with a service gap analysis, EBA builds the implementation plan provides the foundation for effective service delivery and program oversight.

EBA Role

As a “Service Coordinator” EBA:

  • Assesses gaps in the existing service continuum and determines the services and providers needed. Develops the capacity for services where barriers exist.
  • Develops the capacity for services where barriers exist. Coordinates training and licensure of new evidence-based program models.
  • Facilitates stakeholder collaboration and management.
  • Provides contracting, administrative, training, accountability, and management oversight of providers agencies.
  • Delivers comprehensive technical assistance including data management, human resources/recruitment support, quality assurance, and on-site implementation.

The ‘Service Coordination’ model is proven to increase access to quality services via effective and efficient referral pathways and enhanced provider agencies capacity to deliver evidence-based programs to the right youth, at the right time.