Readiness Support


EBA understands the importance of system readiness when it comes to effective implementation of system reform efforts within systems that serve children, youth and families.
This is especially critical when these reform efforts include the implementation of evidence-based programs for youth and their families. When undertaking system reform efforts, determining how to start can be overwhelming.


The team of experts at EBA has a track record of success and experience with multiple statewide (and nationwide) implementation efforts and ensuring our clients are well-equipped to produce better outcomes. A few ways that EBA helps our client prepare for program implementation includes:

  • Identification of appropriate target populations
  • Matching with gold-standard, evidence-based programs
  • Selection of and subcontracting with service providers
  • Coordination with model dissemination organizations, including arranging for licensure of selected providers, training for front-line staff and supervisors, and ongoing consultation with provider agencies to ensure fidelity to proven program models
  • Web-based, system-wide data tracking to allow for program monitoring and continuous quality improvement
  • Regular (i.e., monthly, quarterly and annual) reporting on key performance indicators
  • Collaboration with referral agencies and courts to ensure high utilization of model programs
  • Stakeholder communications and education to ensure sustainability of funding and effort

EBA Role

EBA specializes in turn-key operations that provide immediate, large-scale, cost-effective solutions for treatment of at-risk youth. Our portfolio of community-based solutions will greatly reduce costly residential treatment options while providing improved outcomes for youth and their families.


All of our efforts are focused on helping our customers effectively reform their systems and successfully attain the following benefits:

  • Become more efficient in how they serve high-risk youth
  • Provide procurement options that lower risk and provide measurable outcomes
  • Improve government accountability
  • Ensure better use of taxpayer dollars by providing cost-effective alternatives to out-of-home placement