Given the opportunity for states to begin drawing down federal funds, as afforded by the passage of the Families First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), leaders of state child welfare agencies are expected to develop implementation plans regarding evidence-based, community-based, and in-home programs and services that are aligned with standards published by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF).

While FFPSA provides federal funding for up to twelve months of services to prevent children from entering or re-entering foster care, the practices must be evidence-based and trauma-informed to receive reimbursement for services from Title IV-E.


How are Evidence-Based Programs identified? To learn more about the six step systematic review process used by the Title IV-E Clearinghouse to identify, review, and rate programs and services – click here: https://preventionservices.abtsites.com/review-process.

Which programs have been rated? For the latest updates on FFPSA programs that have already been reviewed and have received their Title IV-E Clearinghouse ratings, click here: https://preventionservices.abtsites.com/ .

What's next? For the latest information about programs which have been identified for review regarding rating using the Title IV-E Clearinghouse ratings, click here: https://preventionservices.abtsites.com/about/faq.


As leaders in state capitals across the country wrestle with the implications of FFPSA, it is an optimal time for local communities to have a firm grasp of the treatment and service needs of the children and families they serve. New EBPs are being added to the approved federal registry each month - and a critical 'next step' is for policy makers, funders, and providers alike to effectively match newly-identified programs with locally-identified needs.

To that end, Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) is pleased to announce the introduction of a training on "Current Trends and Latest Developments regarding Evidence-Based Programs" that will provide state and community leaders with an orientation to FFPSA - with a focus on the evidence-based programs and community service components - and will feature programs that have been recently identified in the evolving federal registry.

Implementation Support

EBA is dedicated to supporting families and strengthening communities through the high-quality implementation of evidence-based programs (EBPs). Operating from its main hub in Central Florida, EBA has nearly 20 years of experience implementing EBPs in multiple statewide projects including Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

EBA offers guidance, technical assistance, and project management support at every stage of the EBP implementation process – from Exploration through Installation and Implementation – with a keen eye toward ‘Sustainability with Fidelity'.

Sample tools offered by EBA:

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