Our History

Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) was founded in 2004 to help states and localities drive high-fidelity implementation of evidence-based programs (EBPs). The leadership team was recruited specifically to provide the oversight, technical support, and coordination of large initiatives (i.e., statewide programs). Since its inception, EBA has been dedicated to the adoption of top-tier evidence-based programs and has been willing to be accountable for the results – increased public safety and improved outcomes for youth and families at lower overall costs to the system. Over the past 13 years, EBA has helped bring together leaders within the field to establish and deliver the biennial “Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development” conference. EBA continues to play an active role in the production of this internationally recognized conference to ensure the spotlight is on programs that have been proven to work and produce positive results for society.

Team leaders at EBA have led the planning and implementation of Evidence-Based Program (EBP) initiatives in numerous states including New York, Connecticut, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. EBA currently manages statewide EBP implementation projects in three states: community-based services for juvenile justice system-involved youth in Virginia; an EBP continua of care project in Washington DC; and a ‘reinvestment’ grant project utilizing top-tier EBPs in Georgia. In all, approximately 2,000 children, youth, and families per year are served through EBA projects in one of eleven evidence-based programs that we operate.

As the most prominent example of the positive impact of EBA services, the Florida Redirection Project (2004-2013) provided evidence-based services to over 9,800 high-risk youth and achieved an overall successful EBP completion rate of 74% (compared to 55% when services are not managed by EBA). Recidivism rates for youth enrolled in Redirection were 19% lower than matched controls. During this time, EBA worked with service providers, school systems, Family Courts, probation officers, and others to effectively address the needs of high-risk justice-involved adolescents and their families (see the NCJA Innovation Series analysis of the Florida Redirection Program here) . In 2007, the Davis Foundation awarded the Redirections Project an annual Productivity Award for having developed an outstanding partnership with government that, “increased productivity, promoted innovation, improved the delivery of state services, and saved money for Florida’s taxpayers and businesses.” In 2008, the Redirection Project also received the highly competitive “Science and Service” award bestowed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for its leadership in this project.

In recent years, EBA has partnered with the Governor’s Office for Children and Families in Georgia and with the Department of Juvenile Justice in Virginia to build on these successes in the Juvenile Justice system: approximately 1,200 youth and families are served in an EBP program annually through these projects. EBA’s work in the District of Columbia, via a partnership with the Department of Behavioral Health, has led to a three-fold increase in the availability of EBPs with the highly successful Evidence-Based Practices Initiative, also known as the “Families First” project.