New York City

Beginning in 2013, New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) dramatically expanded the use of evidence-based and evidence-informed services for families. The preventive services continuum includes eleven models supported by research.

In an effort to collaboratively advance this program, ACS, model developers and contract agencies have worked together to develop and implement a wide array of functionalities, including, but not limited to:

  • Policy adaptations,
  • Evaluation protocols,
  • Reshaping of the referral process,
  • Modifying the training and consultation regimens,
  • Updating documentation and
  • Fidelity monitoring procedures.

The contract agencies, have dealt gamely with program start-up issues, large waves of hiring, strenuous training demands, frequent policy changes, and the ongoing negotiation of nuanced issues at the nexus of policy, practice and contracting.

  • BSFT has hired EBA to assist with the implementation by supporting Model Managers with resolving issues that block successful delivery of BSFT.
  • EBA will work with the Executive Director of the BSFT Institute to bring about strong leadership support for the BSFT model at all agencies funded by ACS.
  • EBA is going to organize quarterly meetings for executives at each agency in New York City implementing the BSFT model.
  • EBA will meet with ACS program managers and community stakeholders on a regular basis to assess progress on the successful implementation of BSFT.

MST Services hired EBA to address high turnover and low staffing capacity across several local community-based provider agencies in New York City

  • EBA will assist with the recruitment of qualified applicants to be MST-CAN therapists.
  • EBA will assist with the revision of the MST-CAN Hiring Tool Kit (taking into considerations the unique needs of the New York City providers)
  • EBA will provide training on the use of the revised tool kit to NYC providers
  • EBA will establish an MST-CAN Recruitment Support Center to ensure increased MST-CAN staffing capacity
  • EBA will develop an MST-CAN Staffing Database to monitor recruitment, hiring, and retention issues